Getting Foxy with the SupernaturalIn Kij Johnson’s, Fox Magic

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In Kij Johnson’s, “Fox Magic”, the writer depicts a world where magic exist and people can possesses deceiving powers that can mislead mortals. Within many fantasy stories though there are situations that should concern modern time readers. In this story, it would seem that the concern would be both sexes have different ways of controlling and taking advantage of the opposite sex. The mythical characters chosen for this story are foxes that possess supernatural powers. This is estranged for this modern day world and really pulls the reader in by catching their attention. Throughout the story you see what different roles each sex plays such as, how dependent women are on men, how men feel superior to women, and how from another species perspective being a human woman means to suffer. These are issues that contemporary American readers should be concerned about. The first concern seen in “Fox Magic” was when the woman fox says, “There were times, even, when they stayed out all night, and returned just before dawn with a foreign scent clinging to his clothes and a strange woman’s fan or comb in his hand. It was his right, and his responsibility, to live a man’s life- I understand that.” This is an example of how the husband uses his power and intimidation to get away with cheating on his wife. It is sad that the fox feels that this is normal action a husband does and is considered as man-like activity. This should worry contemporary American readers because

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