Gettysburg Address Synthesis Essay

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Our journey for unity is far from over; this was referenced in two of the most powerful speeches ever made in two different centuries. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address from 1863, a speech that changed history and Martin Luther King Jr.’s I have a dream from 1963, a speech that made history. Both speeches represented a call for staying the course and not to give up. The call was fit for that time particular time in history. They are five scores years apart, yet close enough that we felt the need to reignite the message of faith, hope and optimism, the hope that black and white people would live together in peace.
I have a dream; the speech was carefully tailored to connect with the audience. Martin Luther King had hoped that it would be as well received from the crowd as the Gettysburg address was. He proudly used the steps of the Lincoln’s memorial to deliver his speech, referencing many of Lincoln’s quotes for freedom and equality. The subject of the speech was for jobs and freedom, but mainly for the freedom and equality of black people as it was promised by the signed Emancipation Proclamation. In this paper, we are going to examine the positive and negative impact on the nation and the world by Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, to what extend did his dream become reality. …show more content…

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was looking at the progress of his dream, he might be greatly disappointed if he knew that the job was not done in his lifetime. As a nation, we still admire his “I have a dream” speech, we still admire the man that we believe is one of the greatest civil rights activists in the United States, we still admire the person behind the nonviolent demonstrations, yet we can seem to fully realize his dream. How can we can call ourselves a civilized nation and continue to find ways to distance ourselves from his

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