Gilded Age Essay

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The Gilded Age, seen as the time of advancement and moving forward, but, was it really for all those who were in the United States. During this time, the United States population and economy grew hand in hand, but what was going on behind the scenes for both these numbers to grow so prosperous. First, let us consider what gilded stands for; it is having a desired appearance, yet concealing something that is not so pleasing in appearance. So, the Gilded Age was a time in which the United States grew prosperous through means that did not reflect such positivity. One example, in specific, is the treatment of Indian Americans by the American government. In the article, The Ghost Dance and the Wounded Knee Massacre by Red Cloud, we are …show more content…

Compliant to these treaties the process began, but to their surprise, instead of having aid from army officers which would have provided the supplies such as food and the knowledge of living off the land they were appointed an Indian Department consisting of wealthy agents and officials whose intents were not in favor of the tribe. These men only sought to watch and fend for themselves instead of abiding to what was promised through the treaties. From the establishment of this department and forth it was quickly seen how the hope and promises were only a mirage to something that could only be described as unsettling, as they found it difficult to get a hold of the government through this Department and quickly began to realize this was nowhere near the end of their trouble. It is seen how by moving this group and by giving these promises that were never to come true that” great efforts were made to break up [their] customs, but nothing was done to introduce the customs of the whites” (Red Cloud). They did not get the means to work their land as promised and their rations also reduced leading to the deaths of many due to starvation. Leaving many weak and unable to even have a thought of fighting back, and those who did have the strength to have the thought saw no point to it. “The people were desperate from starvation—they had no hope”, having children die in the hands of their parents, leaving those in power of the tribe weak and unable to fill

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