Gilded Age Poverty

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Poverty is an issue that has affected society since civilization was first created. Even with a globalized economy and economic opportunity prevalent nearly everywhere, there is still a vast majority of people who live in financial strain. According to recent information obtained by the World Bank, “10.7% of the world’s population live on less than US $1.90 a day”(World Bank 2013). In the United States considered the wealthiest nation on Earth, the poverty rate is 12.7% which is 40.6 million people(US Census Bureau 2016). Though some people are in poverty because of their own choices, poverty is a result of structural institutional practices in place.

The United States during its colonial years under English rule,had the economic system of mercantilism, and although the new nation provided economic opportunity, there were those who were poor as well. Fast forward to the late 1800s with the mass influx of immigrants arriving from Western Europe in search of economic freedom yet, faced horrendous circumstances in the new land. An estimated more than 12 million immigrants arrived between 1870 and 1900.(Library of Congress). This created the Gilded Age, where major monopolies earned a surplus of revenue at the expense of the poor and uneven distribution of wealth. During President …show more content…

The United States has a history of discriminating against the poor and racial influences as well. From the legal system imposing harsher sentences and actions against those who cannot afford counsel, to the economic system issuing unfair sanctions to the poor, to political implementation of policy to deem poverty a crime, poverty in America is an issue that must be tackle. And with wealth inequality at its highest more than ever with politicians being brought, poverty will continue to be an issue until something serious

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