Gilded Age Urbanization

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Urbanizing and making the United States more modernized descries the goal circulating the Gilded Age. This goal was accomplished but had consequences that came along with it. The Gilded Age was a time of up and coming innovations and corruption following. When it comes to there are, “winners” and losers” of the economy, American society, and politics. The Gilded Age was from 1870 through 1890. The main picture of this era is the vast rapid economy that helped jump start the modernization of the United States. The country became more modernized due to expansion, improvements and manufacturing. When it comes to expanding, that means expanding the ways of how people live. During the time, more people had to upgrade their ways of living by moving from small towns to more urban cities. People didn’t really have a choice to move as well as getting use to change. The reason for people moving to urban areas was to take on the job opportunities such as working in factories (Foner, 605). With more business around came more competition and more power to people in charge such as, Andrew Carnegie with his Steel company and John D. Rockefeller with his oil industry. By just looking at job opportunities and the big businesses you can see who would benefit and who would loss because of the development of the United States. In conclusion, the big business owner would benefit from this new development due the need of their product and the power they hold above everyone in their business

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