Girl Who Escaped Isis

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“The Girl who escaped Isis: This is my story,” is a January 21, 2016 autobiography written by Farida Khalaf with Andrea C. Hoffmann about Farida Khalaf’s self-experiences during the war of Isis. Farida is a young Yazidi woman who is taken from her home as well as the rest of her family in the beginning of the book. The town that Khalaf is from has Peshmerga soldiers. These men are used to protect borders of connecting countries and used to keep armies like Isis out. The Peshmerga are not strong enough to keep Isis out and Khalaf’s family and the other Yazidi families are forced to give up all weapons and personal belongings to Isis soldiers. Isis uses the woman and girl children as a form of their own “fun.” Their type of fun is raping the …show more content…

Isis ripped Khalaf and her family from their home as many of other Yazidis. They were forced to be kept separate from their families. The reason that Isis is so disastrous is because of how they treated Yazidis and many others. In the book “The Girl who escaped Isis: This is my story,” Isis demonstrates how disastrous they can be through what they did to families, women, children, and men. Isis demonstrates this by showing the reader that they are fierce and will do anything to anyone who gets in their way. Isis demonstrates this quality in Khalaf’s memoir by raping women and selling them as sex slaves. In Khalaf’s memoir she states, “Sold. It took me a while to realize what had just happened: I’d been traded like an animal at the livestock market.” This line in the passage represents just how disastrous Isis can be. In Yazidi religion, if a woman is touched before marriage then she is unclean and not pure. This shows that Isis is disastrous because they do not care about how they are treating these women. This sentence in the book describes to the reader what Isis has done to the many of the women they have captured. These women and girls were forced into a market of sex trafficking and were on their way to be taken advantage of. This line in the passage is a very important one because it shows what Isis has done and …show more content…

They have come into their lives and turned it upside down all because of how they can be the “best militant group.” Isis would pick these kinds of countries because they know that there military is not that strong and they would be able to defeat them. For example, America has a stronger militant group than Isis and Isis will probably try to test us to see if they can succeed with America as well. They are disastrous because of what they think they can accomplish. In the book Khalaf states, “In my cell I grew nervous. Would Zeyad want to pleasure himself him-self with a woman again after the battle? I couldn’t for the life of me imagine that in my current state I could appear attractive to him. I was filthy, badly injured, and barely able to move. But I wasn’t able to put up a fight, either.” Khalf is stating in this paragraph how disastrous Isis is. This demonstrates why Isis is disastrous because of how they treat women and how they use them as sex objects. This line is important because it shows the reader how abusive and dangerous Isis soldiers are. They are also disastrous because degrading women is not even considered in their minds. Isis soldiers take away their virginity and they don’t respect a woman’s honor to her family and most importantly,

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