Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park is located in southeastern British Columbia (in the Montane Cordillera ecozone) and protects 1349km² of land. With many mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes and deep valleys, the park is a perfect tourist spot for families and friends. Glacier National park is located in the Western Cordillera landform region, in which is famous for the tallest mountains. The park preserves a region of the Columbia mountains, in which was created from faulted sedimentary rocks. The Rogers Pass is also found within the park and it passes through the Selkirk mountains which gave a path for a railroad (which is why railroad tracks can be seen on the border). Beside the mountains, there is an interior rainforest of different species of trees, …show more content…

The total annual precipitation in the park is 1494.6mm. As seen in the outer region of my poster, heavy snowfalls can be often found during the winter due to a large amount of precipitation. Areas with higher elevation tend to be cooler thus producing more snow within those areas (for example the mountains). This causes a very active avalanche zone within the park. July is the warmest and driest month with minimum amount of snow (depending on the elevation), which can be found in the center of my poster. However, as the months progresses, the temperature often becomes cooler (which is why the winter dominates the summer in my poster). The average temperature in January is -9°C and 20°C during …show more content…

However, depending on the elevation, different types of species may grow. At the lowest elevation, a rainforest of western red cedar and western hemlock towers can be found. As shown in the center of my poster, different wildflowers such as paintbrush, glacier lily, monkey flowers, lupine and many other exotic flowers grows in the valleys and meadows. Around 1300m and above, trees like subalpine firs and Engelmann spruce grow in the mountain regions (as seen near the bottom of the poster). However, due to the cold climate, many species do not survive within higher elevations, thus making them disappear altogether. Glacier National Park is located in the cordilleran vegetation region and it tends to have more coniferous trees due to the cold climate within the

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