Global Cliimate Change War

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Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III claims that global climate change is the most imposing threat in the Pacific Ocean rather than military threats found from other countries. This piece of information from Admiral Locklear deserves the attention of the American people, because the Admiral is putting global climate change and its effects ahead of the safety of the American people from other military powers/threats. Admiral Locklear’s claim is flawed for these reasons: he is neglecting current affairs with nuclear threats from North Korea, conflict between China/Japan, and he is putting the safety of the American people second to helping other countries from the threat of global climate change.
According to Admiral Locklear, global climate change in the Pacific Ocean is a much more daunting threat to the U.S. military based in the Pacific, rather than other military threats. Locklear states that climate change will, “cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about.” The Admiral also mentions how the Pacific Ocean and the long-term threats to the peace of East Asia, is found at the center of the Obama administration’s defense strategy, and that protecting these regions from climate change threats should be the top priority. Locklear’s forces again and again have to respond to the disastrous weather occurrences that are growing more constant as the Earth’s climate continues to change.
Admiral Locklear clearly states that

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