Global Positioning System: Decreasing Crop Chemical Application on with Technology

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Decreasing Chemical Application with Technology
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Many people may wonder why it is so important to decrease chemical application on the farm. When people go to the store they often do not think about what goes into the apple or piece of bread they eat. The more chemicals that farmers use on the crops that are sold to the general public increase the chance that those chemicals get into the food we eat. There are many ways that the government and farmers are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals they are using. These range from simply doing crop rotation to genetically modifying plants and animals. Some of the most common ways farmers are decreasing chemical application with technology are
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Major new chemical resistant crops include oilseeds, corn, and cotton. Herbicide tolerant corn is now, including varieties that tolerate popular herbicides based on glyphosate, glufosinate ammonium, and on imidazolinone ( U.S. Farmers pg. 1). This is a big break through for farmers because they can spray chemicals that won’t kill the crop that they spray.

There are many ways that biotechnology can be achieved, one of these is Recombinant DNA technology, this has reached a stage where scientists can take a piece of DNA containing one or more specific gene from nearly any organism, including plants, animals, bacteria, or viruses, and introduce it into a specific crop species. This is frequently been referred to as genetic engineering (Persley, Gabrielle pg. 1). Another common type of DNA technology is genetically-modified organism (GMO). This is an organism that has been modified or transformed using modern techniques of genetic exchange.

There are many people that fear biotechnology; they think that it will end up causing allergies, and super weeds. These people feel that biotechnology should be done with traditional crop breeding. Using traditional breeding techniques would take way too long and would raise the cost drastically. Biotechnology is an exact science and people that think super weeds such as Jointed Goat Grass, would be the result of biotechnology. Biotechnology is the only way that we can keep up with
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