Globalisation: The Disitive And Positives And Negatives Of Globalization

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Globalisation Definition of globalisation is the increasing in the communication of countries which results from trading and cultural exchange.In this eassay I will be researching about the positives and negatives about globalisation. In my opinion, globalisation has both positive and negative aspects. Most of those are negatives. Advantages -Employment advantages: the fact that, globalisation allows foreigners to invest in certain country makes a wider range of products resulting from the spread of TNCs throughout the world. For example Nike originated in the U.S but they now have loads of Nike factories and shops all over the world. The increasing amount of TNCs solve unemployment rate in some countries because they need workers to work for their factory. This is why people changed from working in primary sector (farming, fishing) to secondary sectors (manufacturing) because…show more content…
-Can globalisation actually help the LEDCs? :Nothing can guarantee that the investments will benefit the local community because the profit might be sent back to the MEDCs countries where the company originated. They can make high profit since labour cost is cheaper which make the MEDCs who are already rich become richer while LEDCs can not help themselves because of the poor education and poor living. Sometimes the rich investor treat the employees in LEDCs badly; after making them work in sweatshop (working over time and in poor conditions), this includes using child labour. Aids from the rich countries sometimes make a huge loan for LEDCs, which they can't pay back their debt and it will finally be bankrupt. This graph shows the GDP per capita (average income per person in each country per year) in 2014 all over the world. The richest country earned $129,696 and the poorest country earned below $500, the differences is called the development

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