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In the United States alone, as much as 75% of the population struggles with the fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia. Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking, some cases more extreme than others. Certain cases of glossophobia may be just a phobia, while other cases may just be as simple as stage fright. Throughout my life, I have had to give speeches on topics from Justin Bieber to the Jack Trice football stadium in Ames, and each minute is one I will never get back. Even though speeches are something I hate doing, I feel as though I learn something new each time I give a speech. The things I struggle with the most in giving speeches is the fear of being judged, the fear of failure, and how nervous I get before and…show more content…
The best way to prepare for a speech is to make notes, memorize certain parts, get the timing perfect (SC4). Failure while giving a speech is something that without the proper preparation, could very likely happen. Having small side notes written down while giving a speech are crucial to help move along the process. Notes not only move along the speech, but they are used as a guide as to what do say and talk about next. Memorization is one the biggest key components about a speech: without memorization a speech will not come easy and someone could fail without it (SC3). Timing is another one of the major key components of a speech (BE3). Along with memorization, without timing the speech, it may not flow and could be confusing to the audience. The best way to practice timing is to plan out your speech, focus on what needs to be memorized, and time it from there. Nerves are something that everyone gets before giving a speech, but others know how to control their nerves unlike myself. Nervous and worried, is exactly how I go into every speech I give, wishing I could be confident and excited (BE1). The best way to not be nervous is to take deep breaths, practice, and to accept the fear. Fighting nerves isn’t easy; breathing, is the easiest way (SC2). Before a big speech, when someone is nervous, their muscles will tighten, but taking deep breaths to get oxygen to your brain will help relax the body.

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