Go-Givers Chapter 1 Summary

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• Chapter 1: Law of Giving
There are two kinds of people: The Go-Getters and the Go-Givers. Go-Givers are only interested in what they can get while Go-Givers are opposite. Go-Givers believe that the happiest person are those who are busy giving happiness to others. In this law, it encourages you to focus more on giving because getting will take care of itself.
• Chapter 2: Law of Cause and Effect
Imagine your mind is a piece of land and so, your thoughts are the seeds. If you sow hatred towards other people, surely you will reap it in the future. Sow positivity and so, your future shall harvest positive events in your life. If you don’t want what you’re reaping right now, change your thoughts.
• Chapter 3: Law of Attraction
Your mind is like a magnet. If you think that you will fail in a certain event, surely you will fail because you keep on thinking that you will fail. That’s why you should watch your self-talk. If you think of happy thoughts, surely you are to attract happiness and positive things in your life.
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You must involve all of your senses. For example, how does your future car look, how does it smell, how does it sound when you start its engine? Also, in visualizing you must also put your vision on faith.
• Chapter 5: Law of Mental Blueprint
In this law, you become more specific in what you really want in your life and how will you get it. Start by finding pictures of what you want and start on planning strategies on how will you get it. But, never forget to leave a room for God’s
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