Goal to Find Land to Build Low-cost Residential Housing in Study Area

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For the goal and objectives of this project, we need to identify the best suitable place in the study area (Eastern Passage Cow Bay) to build residential houses with a low cost. We should meet the objectives of protecting the natural environment and reducing the costs for heating or services. For example, if we build a house need road, it will spend less materials that are needed to connect to an existing road. Otherwise, for the process of doing this project, we need to use GIS tools to look at some major information and figure out the entire structure for the study area. At the beginning, we need to find three of the best alternative sites maybe with a different element combination in order to help us to analysis the suitable …show more content…

It also is a foundational step of the decision-making process. This methodology can be used in the environment or economic aspects in order to help the decision makers to evaluate and plan the sites that are suitable for building houses. In MCE, the decision alternatives have a preference order and use for evaluations and alternatives.For example, a high attribute value is better than the medium and medium is better than the low value, and this order can be also used in opposite. Attribute with a known preference order are called evaluation criteria (Timothy., & Nyerges. 2010). Criteria can be in different measurement scales. In mathematics, there are four measure types including nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. Even though, they might create a problem when evaluating the decision alternatives, this kind of problem can be overcome by criterion standardization which can transform all criteria measurements onto a common scale. For example, the data can be converted from ratio to interval data, and ratio and interval data can be converted to ordinal scale. However, this transition cannot be reversed. The MCE contains GIS tools and probably a matrix. For GIS, one of the most significant application is the analysis of data to support the process of environmental decision-making. The definition of decision is a choice between alternatives.

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