Gold Nuggest in Gold Rush California

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Gold Nuggets in Gold Rush California It was day of Jan 24th 1948, James Marshall was building a new sawmill for John Sutter in South Fork of American river near Coloma valley.He spotted some flecks of shiny pebbles.His eyes sparkled when he discovered that it was gold. “Gold! Gold! Gold! Listen folks, it is not just a hoax!” Get rich and get “relaxed” in the goldfields of California. You could be another millionaire like Sam Brannan! Everyone from around the world is welcomed to flock to California. It is never late to head start your voyage to the Golden state. This is the right time to make your dreams come true. Modes of Transportation By Land The land route is across the Great Plains along the Oregon Trail or across the continental United States, mainly along the California trail. You can come by wagon or come by foot. By wagon, oxen and mules, you have to cross deserts, mountains, and valleys. The advantage is that you can carry your clothes, food for long journey, tools for mining and farming, and items for cooking. You You will have a great adventure! Coming by foot is long but if you need fitness then this is your call! By Sea There are two water routes to California. A 17,000 mile route around the South America and Cape Horn took 5 to 7 months. The second and faster route is to take a steamer to Panama, along a narrow isthmus to the Pacific, and then take another steamer to San Francisco. This route is

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