Gone With The Wind Poem

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In this poem, gold alludes to an object, or in this case a person's fragility or innocence. Dally is so crazy about keeping Johnny golden. He does not want Johnny to end up messing up like he did, and getting tough inside. Dallas Winston was in the slammer for a while, and it made him hard and tough, that is what Dally is trying to hide Johnny Cade from. The moral of Gone With the Wind is relative to Nothing Gold Can Stay. “Love and understanding are gone with the wind.” A film taking place in the setting of the Civil War, where characters had to make an effort everyday to survive, like Johnny was having to do after the church fire. Johnny’s understanding of why this had happened to him was long gone, he knew why he did it, and that his love for his brothers was never going to leave his side. Greasers were always different. It seemed like it was everyday one of them or the gang together would have to risk themselves to save another. Greasers hated the Socs and vice versa. That is what Ponyboy talked about. Ponyboy told the story, he either did it in his journal or told it in first person limited, which was through his eyes or how it all went down for him. The movie could be showing scenery and he would be talking about what he felt, or in the book, you cannot see what is happening so in between dialogue breaks, it would pause and he would talk about what he was thinking at the moment or what was happening and his thoughts on it. Although there were many spots in the movie

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