Gone with the Wind Visual Analysis

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A disheveled man carries a scantily clad young woman in his arms while staring intensely into her eyes. She holds his gaze, but doesn’t appear to be as interested in him as he is in her. The background is ablaze, and the foreground is interposed with three separate images. The first is a group of men on horseback, racing down a street, the man on the lead horse is approached by a woman in a cascading white gown, her arms raised either begging him to stop, or bidding farewell. The second image is a path leading away from the woman up to an elaborate, well-maintained home. The final image is one of a couple in a carriage racing away from a burning city behind them. It is clear from the intimate pose of the couple featured at the top, and the …show more content…

The wartime events are apparent in the way the men on horseback are dressed. They are all in the same clothing, which looks to be a gray uniform. They have swords and pistols on their hips. Their fists are raised in an enthusiastic camaraderie, and the shout that comes to mind is ‘Charge!’ With the destruction of buildings behind the cavalry and the chaotic carriage ride, the wonton destruction war brings is represented. Peacetime is also represented in the pristine white house that is wedged between the two more fierce images. The white house might also represent how the woman is untouched at the beginning of the war, but then comes to find herself right in the midst of it in the other picture. The woman and man caught in their passionate embrace are set above the wartime images. It seems that symbolically the man and woman are above the war, that their love transcends the tragedy and the tumult that surrounds them, if only because they are fighting their own romantic war. Below them is a burning city. The couple on the carriage fleeing the city looks to be the same couple that is staring into each other’s eyes. This further suggests that they were apart of the events in the war, but were still caught in the throws of their own love life. The girl that rushes from her

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