Good And Evil In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Dracula written by Bram stoker is a Novel that many people enjoyed. It talks about the good and evil. It was a Novel about suspense horror and mystery. In the novel Dracula Bram Stoker tell us the story of a vampire known as count Dracula who is known by the people of Transavia to be completely evil. I will be analysis the novel to see why Stoker wrote the book, who he wrote it for, the good people in the story, and some other analysis. First I will beginning with the reason Stoker choose to write about Dracula.
Bram Stoker could of have many reason to write this book, but the number one reason I believe he wrote this book is because of his interest in the supernatural. In the book Dracula Stoker many times speaks about the vampires
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The novel had a lot of detail and stoker really knew how to get the audience attention. This was a well written book that I believe that many young upperclassmen would enjoy reading. If you're thinking about reading Dracula you are surly in for a lot of horror and suspense. I understand why Stoker would turn such a great story into a novel. I think that back then people were really into the supernatural. I would even say that many people including stoker himself believed in the supernatural. The novel also wouldn't just of been written for getting a good scare but for those upper class people. My reason for that was because of the high use of vocabulary in the novel. I was also clearly able to see who the good guy was in the story as well as the bad. It was obvious that Dracula was the evil one in the Novel. At first it was hard to tell who was the protagonist because the story starts of with Jonathan Harker which automatically made me think that he would be the good one in the story. Once we were introduced to Van Helsing my opinion completely changed on who the protagonist would be because once we were introduced to Van Helsing he was the one with the most knowledge on vampires. He seemed to have experience with vampires on how to cure wounds from vampires and how to kill them. The whole novel over all was a great novel that I would recommend to many of my friends who enjoy the thrill of
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