Good And Evil In Sigmund Freud's Lord Of The Flies

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It is believed that everybody has good and evil inside them, we just need the right circumstances to bring out the evil. The superego, a theory by Sigmund Freud, is a representation of ideal society; order, and goodness. Piggy from lord of the Flies is represented this exactly because he tries his best to keep order, civilization, and neatness throughout the novel. Piggy represents all good in the book Lord of the Flies. He tries as best as he can to maintain neatness and order throughout the novel. From laying low when needed, to helping out as best when he can. Piggy's glasses represent order and civilization. They are used by the boy to make fire, who fought over who should get control over the glasses, and the right to make fire. Piggy was killed by a boulder that Roger pushed off a cliff, smashing the conch. The smashing of the conch represented society vanishing, along with Piggy. When Piggy was killed, he into the ocean, and washed away. This action represents all the good and society and order of the island washed away with him. “And the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy.” (Lord of the Flies, ) All the intelligence, all the goodness, died when Piggy died, as he was the last of it they had. Simon was the first major act of savagery. They mistook him for the Beastie and the boys killed him. While they were brutally beating, they realized that the “Beastie” was Simon but still did not even make an effort to stop, until it was too late, and
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