Good Night And Good Luck Essay Questions

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Why are you doing this?

In other words:
In each of these films, why do the characters do what they do? What motivates them? Why do they choose a particular course of action? What does this say about them? What circumstances are they in that are particular to that time and place in history? These questions interested me as i watched Bridge of Spies, Thin Red Line,Far From Heaven and Malcolm X because I didn't understand why characters and directors would make certain decisions.

In Good Night and Good Luck why was McCarthy accusing everyone who opposed him of communism? Was he doing it for publicity? Why was the director making the characters smoke when they don't like smoking? Was it to help get his vision across. The usage of actual …show more content…

Was he not human enough to care about someone and their families? The General in this film was so self centered that he was a character that you just loved to hate. His actions and orders during the battles left me feeling sick to my stomach as every soldier feel to the ground. The director did that on purpose and I think that helped make the movie watchable. Another thing the director did was show both sides the Chinese and the Americans. It made me as the viewer question who was the bad guy because both sides were guilty in my eyes.

In Far From Heaven Why did the husband cheat on his wife with a guy and when did he turn gay? I didn't understand how he could have kids and just either turn gay our already was gay. Like he acted like he never loved his wife even though all she did was cater to his every need. The director did a great job by bringing America back to reality with this film because throughout the film you would hope that the black guy and the white wife would get together and live happily ever after but at the end you realize life isn't a fairy tale and I think that's why this film was powerful for its time

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