Google Capital Structure Analysis Essay

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GB550: Financial Management
Prof. Dale Prondzinski

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Jason Kang
MBA Candidate | Class of 2012i iiiiii
Graduate School of Business | Kaplan University Online I fiii iand Management| GB540i fi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Apr 6, 2012

Jason’s Portfolio Note on April 16, 2012:

The course project involved developing a great depth of knowledge in analyzing capital structure, theories behind it, and its risks and issues. Before I began this assignment, I knew nothing but a few things about capital structure from previous unit weeks; however, it was not until this course’s final project that came along with opening …show more content…

Many analysts would note that based on the consensus of the world population, the company’s equity is of the highest value as they are currently ranked as industry leader in market capitalization (source: Yahoo Finance) which conveniently brings me to my next evaluation.

1.1 Capital Structure
As much as market cap measures to what’s related to the company’s equity value, a firm’s decision based on its capital structure estimates more significantly to how the value of that company is allocated not only for the return on equity but accounting for debt as well. Most economists would refer to capital structure as the mix of a company’s long-term debt, the current portion of it, and of common and preferred stock. Furthermore, large tech-companies today have been taking advantage of capital structure optimizations as it is placed shoulder to shoulder to increasing return on equity thus lowering weighted average costs of capital for long-term investment. In other words, it is how a corporate manager should base his/her decisions on financing the company’s assets and operations through various growth prospects and forecast estimates. We will begin to further evaluate the composition of Google’s capital structure by focusing on the company’s key statistics and research data from the selected top online providers of financial statements, including Google!

1.2 Key

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