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Conflict within One' Self Personal internal battles exist every day whether it is mentally, emotionally, spiritually or even physically. Within each person, typical temptations dwell deep inside. Some of these temptations can be very active or remain dormant until precise events trigger them. The intricacy of a person’s inner struggle fights between a moral and corrupt side. Naturally, undesirable temptations ascend from the lower qualities of people and bare individuals to develop even more immoral ambitions. Overtime, those temptations could worsen and became more severe, in which the person develops a lack of self-control with major inflictions and regrets. A clash between good and evil, hero and tyrant is a basic foundation to …show more content…

Stevenson makes clarification with giving the dark evil character as an alternative personality of Dr. Jekyll which is Mr. Hyde. Stevenson begins to peruse the case of a respected doctor who becomes associated with Mr. Hyde. The unusual, mysterious circumstance is the fact that the two men is the same person. “The doctor experiments in his own laboratory trying to divide effort to improve the quality his own life” (Hedlund). The reading explains the struggles and mental state of Dr. Jekyll. Hence, although I had now two characters as well as two appearances, one was wholly evil, and the other was still old Henry Jekyll, the incongruous compound of whose reformation and improvement I had already learned to despair. The movement was thus wholly toward the worse (Stevenson 102). Stevenson creates a revelation of stimulating themes. The writer cleverly creates a feeling of suspense, unknown, and mystery. Mr. Hyde in the opening of Mr. Enfield’s accounts, there is the eerie, catastrophic scene of the trampling of a young girl in the middle of the night. This is the first encounter of where the gothic element of a distress woman or a woman threatened by a powerful tyrannical male, is first installed to the reader. After the trampling, Mr. Hyde is told to pay money to the family. Out of nowhere, a check is signed by a very gallant, up standing citizen. Eventually, the check is revealed to belonging to Dr. Jekyll, and also come to acquire that Dr.

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