Government Shutdown

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By evaluating the devastating effects of the government shutdown in October of 2013, as a result of an “absence of appropriations” and the government’s inability to enact an authorization for the continuing resolutions of the following year, one can scrutinize the numerous businesses that have been implicated by this event. Consequences relating to this shutdown have caused great discrepancies throughout the nation, for many workers were “asked to work without pay.” Furthermore, since the “federal government was left to run out of money,” many companies have been forced to stop working due to the delay in the processing of quotas; not to mention, other programs that ensure the well-being of people, one of which is the Food and Drug Administration, …show more content…

Since the Alaskan King Crab industry links to many other businesses not just locally, but globally as well, the complications in the fishing quota permits have made it impossible for many workers to execute their jobs. Moreover, the prominent concern in the minds of many fishermen in the Bering Sea has surfaced as they wonder : how will the effects of the government shutdown of the Alaskan King Crab industry affect their ability to fish legally while still avoiding the possibility of a price …show more content…

Seeing as the lack of licenses could potentially result in a loss of a about twenty percent or more not just in the industry of the Bering Sea, but also in Japanese markets, which rely heavily on the produce collected abroad, getting all licenses approved by the federal government is a primordial necessity. Otherwise, there is great potential for the price of crab to drop drastically, resulting in an overall “lost revenue” in the industry, as stated by Kyung M. Song a journalist for the Seattle Times,which will depict the many discrepancies affecting the secure economic status of the nation as a result of the government

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