Government 's Direct Intervention Helped Spark Innovation

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Events that occur in a society have a significant influence on the trajectory of innovation. During the cold war, the United States was in a heated competition against the Soviet Union. On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik into orbit, which had a significant impact on the American government. Hours after the launch, congress got together and determined that it would be necessary to increase funding for satellites, missiles and other projects that could help surpass Soviet capabilities (Lambright, 50). The government’s direct intervention helped spark innovation, but their motivation was not just about helping foster creativity. Political interests often nurture innovation. Many of the projects funded may not have directly dealt with security concerns, but they allowed technologies to be developed and tested. One of Jasik’s patents was used by the military in aircraft navigation. Jasik filed many patents that were implemented by the government for the purpose of national defense. Jasik did not set out to develop military technology, but the events of the time led the government to pursue ways of incorporating ideas in order to combat Soviet innovations. Political interests are one of the major factors that led to the development of space technology. Satellites would allow a new form of communication that would benefit the intelligence community. Individuals often describe the space race as a race to be the first to reach space, but this not exactly the
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