Grading System : A Great Disappointment

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Vanessa Gomez
Professor Alex Green
English III Honors Final Copy
31 October 2015
Grading System in the United States:
A Great Disappointment High schoolers often struggle to find their true passions during the time span of the four years. The transition into adulthood is often difficult, resulting in constant stress. The grading system in high school, should make their experiences easier, however it increases the pressure that they may have. The grading system used in the United States, was first created in the early 1800s. Needless to say, the system has evolved, but the basics behind it remain the same. The standard A-F system is used in schools all across the country. This system becomes most effective when used in high schools. …show more content…

The grading system used in high schools results in the loss of motivation from students. They are more focused on getting the grade they need in order to pass, rather than actually learning the material itself. Students in high school are often pressured into getting good grades. They strive to do their best, in order to gain recognition from their parents, as well as colleges across the country. The stress they receive from “having to get good grades” discourages them from actually enjoying what they learn. Some tests are solely based on memorization, which contains information that the student most likely will later forget in their high school or college career. Perhaps if the student were more motivated to learn the material, it would be engraved in their brain for a longer amount of time. The student would also have a more positive learning atmosphere, resulting in better health and involvement in the material being learned.
A major part of the grading system in high school is the grade point average (GPA) of a student throughout the year. The grades a student receives the whole semester are averaged together towards the end of the semester. Both their weaknesses and strengths are averaged together, becoming insignificant to the universities revising their applications. Even the few points being added from their lower grades, can make a major difference when being accepted into colleges. “Unlike its constituent values, which usually are carried to only one

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