Graduation Speech : My Favorite School

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When I look back and think about my childhood; I feel like I had a pretty great one. I was lucky enough that had parents who could afford to send me to a private Christian school K-8th grade. This was a very small school with grades that were combined. This meant that the teacher was always coming up with ideas to make the work applicable to both grades. This was beneficial to me because I have always loved a challenge. If my grade level work was not challenging enough for me, often I would be allowed to work on the grade above mines work as well. This helped me grow and critically think at a young age and gave me a passion for learning. One of my favorite school memories was in Latin class. I have 7 years of Latin from elementary …show more content…

Grandma’s house was another one of my highlights of my childhood. I spent a significant amount of time at grandma’s house. We would bake, read, play games, and go out places, but one of my favorite things would be making a Christmas dress with grandma each year. I still make a dress with her each year. We started this tradition when I was in the 4th grade. I have learned so much about patients and that not everything in life is easy while with grandma. I cherish all the time that I get to spend with her because she is a major component as to the young lady I am today.
I have many people who influence me in my life, but the person who influences me the most is my Grandma Sandy. I have always been close with my grandma. She has always pushed me to be the best person I could be. If she ever saw me not putting in 100% effort in something she would tell me to evaluate myself and what I was doing. She was always the first person to be there to support me with things at school, things at dance, and other events in life. The fact that I spent lots of time with her when I was growing up probably influenced this a lot. She also lives very close to parent’s business so whenever I had a day off of school or just wanted to see grandma after school I would walk there.
My Grandma was a Home Ec teacher in an adult education setting for 29 years. She is my most influential person because she could see that I

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