Gran Torino

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There are age related conflicts, cultural conflicts, religious conflicts and value based conflicts. This movie is a film highlighting many cultural conflicts. These conflicts continuously erupt in a working class Michigan neighborhood. We will first examine a scene with religious cultural conflict. In the same scene we will see age based cultural conflict as well. Next, we will examine a racial cultural conflict between the Hmong people and an American. After examining cultural conflicts, we will show two examples of popular culture in the film. Then, we will provide the conflict management styles we would have employed to bring the same result as the current ending without the bloodshed and a general opinion of the film. Our…show more content…
It is a widely held stereotype. The conclusion of the film was extremely dramatic and effective at reiterating the neighborhood’s increased confidence over the gang activity. Walt began the confidence building by standing against the gang publicly. This brought the neighborhood to think of him as a hero and shower him with gifts of praise. It was befitting that he would martyr himself in the end. Lying on the ground dead like Jesus nailed to the cross. His essential “suicide by gang” was not the only possible solution to the problem. Though conflict resolution through communication with gang members would more than likely fail, neighborhoods in similar situations have stood firm as a community against gang violence and intimidation. Using the latest technology, they have driven gang elements away. By joining neighborhood watch and documenting illegal behaviors from gang members, neighborhoods have made themselves less attractive for gangs to reside. “The gang's power increases through their use of fear and violence to intimidate rivals and citizens alike. This tactic can be countered by citizen action groups such as Neighborhood Watch. A neighborhood that is united in the goal to stop gang crime and violence can be an effective force in curbing gangs”. (Orange County Sheriff Office, 1992, p.1). The conflict management strategies I would have employed to bring peace to the

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