Grandpa Toelke Biography

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My middle name is Ryan it means “Little King”. I am named after a soccer player who played for Manchester United his entire career. His name is Ryan Giggs and he is my dad’s favorite player. My first name is Paige, the only reason of that is because my older sister could not say Emily. She liked Baby Paige better, and my parents were between two names. I don’t really like my name I would have rather had been Emily than Paige. It could be worse, just got to be happy with what you have and live life to the fullest. A major event in my life would be when my grandpa passed away (actually both). My mom’s dad (Papa) passed away June 14, 2016. I was really close to him so that was really hard for me. He was in the military and worked at the 513 legion. His funeral and visitation was really difficult because every time I went over to his house we would play monopoly. Now that’s gone. My dad’s dad (Grandpa Toelke) passed away August 2, 2015. I was not that close with this him, but it’s hard to think that he is not here anymore. Every Christmas Eve we would stop by his house and say hi, he would give me and Lauren our presents. I just can’t believe that last year's holidays were the last ones that we had with Papa. Grandpa Toelke had a lot of diseases (cancer, diabetes,etc.). Papa had lung…show more content…
I am going to get a scholarship to play soccer there. Also to get looked at by the Women’s National Team scouts. After college I want to major in a detective/cop field. I want to be married and have 3 kids, 2 girls (identical twins) and a boy. I also want to have a lot of friends that I can make a lot of memories with. I don’t always want to be gone from my children I want to have one day that the whole family goes out and does something. We will be going to church on Sunday’s and after that we can do something with the whole family. That’s what I want to see when I go into the

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