Gray Wolves : Causes And Characteristics Of The Gray Wolf Hunt

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The gray wolf is a majestic hunter that is necessary to many biomes. They are a living species and deserve to survive just as much as we do. If they die off, not only will we be losing an entire species, many other depending species will die, as well. This species of wolf are large compared to their predecessors. They grow up to 6 feet long and two and a half feet tall. Even though their name is the “gray” wolf they come in a variety of colors. Although grey is the most dominant, their fur can be pure white or black. Their color mostly depends on the climate of their habitat. Gray wolves have long noses and tall, curved ears. They can weigh as little as 80 and as much as 120 pounds. Gray wolves are very social animals just as we are . They live in packs of 8 with a male and a female alpha. The alphas lead hunts and make most of the pack’s decisions like where to settle. The pack works together to feed the pups until they are mature enough to join the hunt. Wolves depend on whines, barks, howls, and growls to communicate. They are carnivores, meaning they eat primarily meat. This species of wolf hunt mostly ungulates, or hoofed animals, like deer or moose. They will eat the occasional rodent when times are rough. As I stated earlier, the gray wolf hunt in packs led by the alphas. They can put on bursts of speed to catch their prey but not for very long. They, also, eat animals that died for reasons other than hunting. Wolves can go up to 2 weeks without eating which is
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