Great Expectations Mental Illness Essay

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Psychological Disorders in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations the main character Pip starts out as a young boy in Kent, a small village. As the story progresses we see Pip go through his early life, living with his sister and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Joe. While Pip is going through is through his life he shows multiple psychological disorders. In Charles Dickens Great Expectations there are multiple psych disorders shown such as Manic-depression disorder and Social Phobia. In Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations Pip Pirrip shows signs of Manic-depression disorder. Pip Pirrip show that he has this disorder by having various mood swings. The symptom of mood swings is the main component of the Manic-depression disorder also known as Bipolar disorder. The NIMH …show more content…

“Dickens was said to be a fiercely-driven man yet a tearful man”. Since he was easily driven to tears but also so driven he would have been diagnosed with Manic-Depression disorder. Simon Callow said that “There was a passion, a rage and real driven quality in Dickens. There was something almost unhinged about him and I believe many would have considered him bipolar had he been around today”. According to Callow many doctors would have considered Charles Dickens bipolar aka Manic-depressive today. Pip shows that he has Bipolar Disorder through what he has done throughout the book and that we have no way of knowing that he has been treated for it. There are multiple ways to treat Bipolar Disorder such as antidepressants and mood stabilizers so in order for Pip to control his Bipolar Disorder he would have to take medication. Pip also shows that he has Social Phobia throughout the book. In order for him to control his Social Phobia he could seek help with therapy or take medication such as antidepressants along with therapy. So throughout Pip’s life he has had to cope with these

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