Great Expectations Symbolism Essay

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The names of the characters in the story Great Expectations symbolize who they are and how they act. In Great Expectations there is a great deal of symbolism throughout the book as there is in life. There are symbols of isolation, manipulation, and wanting to be something else. These are all seen in the book through the characters of Estella, Abel Magwitch, Miss Havisham, Pip, and Biddy. Estella symbolizes isolation and manipulates men to break their hearts. Her name means “star” and she is bright and beautiful like a star, however she is distant and cold like one too. Like a start, men love to gaze upon her, but can not touch her. In the story Estella tells pip that she has no heart, no sympathy, and no sentiment. (chapter 29) Estella …show more content…

Throughout the book Pip was not happy with his life and wanted to become something more; his name meant “seed”, like a seed Pip was “planted” and the reader watches him grow. Estella told Pip that he was just a common-labouring boy. (chapter 8) Pip had never thought as himself as common, but now he wanted to become a gentleman so that he would be worthy of Estella. However once Pip becomes a gentleman he realizes that it is not what he thought it would be. Consequently he starts to neglect Joe and Biddy, however in the end, Pip starts to change back to the person he used to be and tries to repair his relationship with Joe and Biddy. In addition he gives his money to Herbert so that he can go to merchant school and Herbert ends up giving Pip a job in the end. This shows that you gain from giving, if Pip would not have gave Herbert the money he would not have gotten the job offer. Biddy is the voice of Pips conscience and encourages Pip to become a better man all through the story. Biddy’s name suggests “biddable” someone who does what she is asked, so when she was asked to come stay with Pip and Joe as a result of Mrs. Joe’s attacking,she did. She and Pip became great friends and eventually Biddy falls in love with Pip, however Pip is in love with Estella and can not get over her. Even though Pip knows Biddy

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