Great Gatsby Film Analysis

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The Great Gatsby film shows a strong atmosphere and the soundtrack is perfectly combined with a script that despite being able to be topical, just winning the game to what we believe will be pure routine film. 3D for this adaption of The Great Gatsby, although modern, is unnecessary. 9 out of 10-star rating? I think yes!
The tempo of the story is true success, and Leonardo DiCaprio, spotless, we enter into a New York post-war fantastically. Moreover, the dialogues are superb, and above all, they are no better than Tobey Maguire. Australian screenwriter, producer and director Baz Luhrmann's fifth feature film which he co-wrote with Australian screenwriter Craig Pearce and co-produced, is an adaptation of a novel from 1925 by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald.
The Great Gatsby, set in New York 1922, is narrated by Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), and is a story about the millionaire Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), who desperately tries to recover the one person he ever loved, Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan). She is married somewhat happily to Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton), also another very rich fellow. The other characters consist of professional golfer Jordan Baker (Elizabeth Dibicki), Tom Wilson (Jason Clarke), a gas station owner, and his wife Myrtle (Isla Fisher.) When Nick moves next door to Gatsby in West Egg, he is eventually invited to one Gatsby's famous parties and the story takes off. For those of you who have not read the book, I don't want to spoil much more, but

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