Greed In The Necklace

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There are many moral issues in society. Though not many people realize it, acts like selfishness and greed affect people in major ways. Throughout history greed has been a huge problem, as displayed in The Necklace many people live wanting to be accepted into society, although the bible is against greed and selfishness it is still an ongoing issue in society.
The short story The Necklace portrays greed and selfishness through the life of Mathlide Loisel. This story was written in the 1800’s in Paris, which is also believed to be when the story takes place. Life in Paris during this time was all about your rank and where you stood in society. This want for acceptance made many people desire unnecessary things, leading to more greed and envy for others.
Much like the author of The Necklace Alfred, Lord
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She expressed greedy and selfish behavior leading her to great pain and suffering. Throughout the story she was selfish and did not consider how her husband felt. She was too busy trying to figure out why she couldn’t have everything she wanted as she was living in self pity. Mathlide Loisel was angry, unhappy, and humiliated. “She was distressed at the poverty of her dwelling” (Maupassant p1). She was not happy with her life and everything that she was provided, she felt as though it was not enough. Many men and women felt the same way as Mathlide. Guy de Maupassant lived from 1850-1893. He was in Paris when he was born and when he died. Maupassant also lived most of his life in Paris. While he lived there he got inspiration for many stories. Maupassant was very aware of what was going on in Paris during the time he wrote The Necklace. “His stories strikingly captured various aspects of day-to-day life in France during that time” (Bio. Maupassant ¶1). Most of what he wrote was based off of real events making the story a reality. He knew of the moral issues at the time and he addressed
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