Grim Reaper Persuasive Speech

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Don't Fear The Cloaked Man I believe in not fearing the man in the long black cloak. Now who is this “cloaked man”? He is the man in the long robe, who is slender and frightening, often depicted with a scythe. Sounds familiar right? Maybe a bit scary? Well I'm here to tell you that your opinion of him, is wrong. The cloaked man ( as I have come to call him) is commonly known as the “Grim Reaper”. The Grim Reaper is considered an angel of death and is supposedly the man who takes you to the afterlife, or he is seen as ‘death personified’... yea, right. Everyone’s opinion (notice how I said opinion), is that he is some big scary monster, but you have to understand: when all you hear is negativity you become a negative person. Your opinion …show more content…

Or we can get to the topic I was aiming for, death and the afterlife. Since this is a sensitive subject for a lot of people not just myself, but I wanted to talk about this since I have the opportunity to do so, and to share my opinion with the world. Since the idea of death and the afterlife was somewhat revealed to me at a younger age when a good friend of my family passed away. This friend could be considered a part of our family, she was there for us, and we for her. She passed away. I had seen her as, well, basically another mom. She was an older woman, sure, but you know how kids are: in their mind every adult is invincible. She had watched over me , joked around with me, and visited me almost daily. She passed away when I was just about five or six. When you see someone pass - especially at young age - you gain an understanding of how death works. Given that most people are afraid of it, and this fear of death is usually depicted as that Grim Reaper guy. You see from a young age we all think we should be afraid of him. In my opinion, we should accept what he is meant to do. Death is not scary. it's enlightening. No one knows what comes after death, so really we are all scared of nothing. That's it: nothing. We have nothing telling us what will happen... so why be

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