Growing Up Geo Perez Research Paper

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Growing up Geo Perez wasn’t the most popular girl. She was tall and she was tom boy. Living in South Los Angeles throughout her childhood was tough. She realized at a young age that she would have to work hard and surround herself by good people if she wanted to succeed in life. One of the people that came into her life was Jo So. Jo was born in Taiwan. His family moved to the United States before he was one. Growing up he didn’t make the best of choices. Jo brought his best friend David Kwan into Geo’s life. David was a shy, geeky kid growing up. He was always taller and bigger than everyone. As he grew up he became the funny one, this made the trio a very tight and sound group. Geo and Jo never had much money. Both could care less because they just wanted to be together. David told Jo about the lottery and how if they all put their money they would have a good chance of becoming billionaires. A few days pass, David convinces both Geo and Jo. Later that day after they all get off they head to all the local 7/11’s to purchase lottery tickets. They decided they would split the money if they win. …show more content…

The big night was coming up in only a couple days, and the crew was getting anxious. Geo and David were very optimistic; however, Jo was not. Jo always had a hard time believing in things. Growing up he was always the first child to figure out that the holiday mascots were not real. He credits that to his parents for not always being there for him. Jo realized that even if they put so much money into the lottery there was a good chance they would not win. David and Geo had another thought and truly believed that their loves would change

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