Growing a Garden in Death of a Salesman

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Growing a Garden
In Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller uses motifs and symbols to express some of the problems of the main character, Willy. Miller motivates Willy to start a garden in the backyard of his apartment, even though the garden won’t grow. This showed Willy to be the type who does not accept defeat, as he believes he can grow a garden, but to the reader, it’s obvious that he can’t. Although filled with the desire to grow a garden in order to start anew, Willy is unable to do so due to his apartment and his thoughts. To start off, Willy’s inability to grow a garden is majorly due to the environment his apartment is placed in. In this story, the apartment is a tool of symbolism used to develop the idea of the modern world. The apartment that blocks the sun into his backyard limits Willy’s ability to grow a garden. This modern society shadows over his house, keeping the sun away, also keeping him in the past. This leads to the way the modern world is run, and because it is different than what Willy can handle, he cannot adapt to modern society. The modern world restricts Willy from starting anew, but the irony being that not only does Willy not have the money to move on from his house and into a place where he could grow a garden, he simply doesn’t want to. He wishes to stay, but needs money to pay off the house. His lack of money is expressed as Linda mentions for him not to “forget to ask for a little advance” (53). What Linda is referring to is that Willy

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