Gsm Based Heart Beat Monitoring And Alert System

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CAREER EPISODE 2 INTRODUCTION CE 2.1 THE CHRONOLOGY : February 2009 – August 2010. GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION : Hyderabad, India. NAME OF THE ORGANISATION : Bandari srinivas institute of technology. TITLE : GSM based Heart beat Monitoring and Alert System POSITION : Undergraduate Student. BACKGROUND CE 2.2 Now a day’s technology is changing with time, it completely occupying the human life style. It is being used everywhere in our daily life to fulfil our requirements. Humans are relying more on sensors, we are employing different sensors for different applications sometimes we may even use same sensors differently for different applications. We can not only increase the speed of life but also increase security with good ideas by…show more content…
This device consists of a microcontroller which takes the input from the heart beat sensor and calculates the heart rate of the patient. When the microcontroller identifies the high BP, it takes the responsibility of sending an alert message through GSM modem. CE2.4 In this project my aim is to develop a heartbeat sensing sensor using LED and LDR using a technique called photoplethysmograph(PPG) which is simple and cost efficient, typically an emitter and receiver combination (LED and LDR) is used to identify the heart beat changes occurred. The light emitting diode is used to pass light through the skin the reflected back light(PPG signal) was collected by the LDR to omit an heartbeat rate. Also the reflected light is determined as the blood saturation. CE 2.5 This project was coordinated by our senior associate professor Mr. D. Krishna, under his guidance I have finished my project. He divided the project into multiple tasks and allotted different tasks to different team members. Before finalizing the tasks he has gone through academic performance of students in particular areas. When he identified that I have good knowledge in developing circuit and sensors, he gave me tasks like circuit designing and sensor development. CE 2.6 In this project I have undergone major tasks and duties,
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