Gun Control Is A Top Reason For Owning Guns

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People have used guns as deadly weapons in battle since the first gun was created. As more and more innocent people have died as the result of unstable people owning guns, the debate about gun control has gained more importance. According to a 2014 Pew Foundation report, 79% of male gun owners, 80% of female gun owners, and 64% of people whose family members have guns, they feel safer owning a gun. Do people really need gun control? In my perspective, there are several critical reasons why gun control is unnecessary. There are a number of significant arguments against gun control. First, The majority of people state that they will all be safer if people have guns. Guns have been used for protecting ourselves and defending countries throughout history. Most people will say protection is a top reason for owning guns. A gun can be the most effective way of deterring intruders and criminals when women get attacked, and women can work well to protect yourself. The rates of women getting hurt are increasing year by year, and the risks of women have been challenging. As women, we instinctively know that we need to protect ourselves in some places we live. Many women believe that they don 't have as much strength as men, because of this, women more often become a target of criminals. As long as women carry guns with them, when they meet with the danger, they may solve it by themselves if there is no one can help them at the moment. Nelson Lund, Professor at George Mason University

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