Gun Control On College Campuss

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It all happened so fast. Those who were able were rushing past me, pushing me, trying to escape. The others, however, were laying down on the ground in their pool of blood. I would never have thought that I would experience a shootout at the college I attend. According to “Should Guns Be,” since 1990, there have been more than twenty multiple-victim shooting incidents on college campuses (Kirszner and Mandell 627). As a result, it has often lead to the controversial issue of whether guns should be allowed on college campuses or not. Concealed carry of firearms should not be legalized on college campuses in the state of Florida. First and foremost, if guns were allowed on college campuses, it would create plenty of distractions in the learning environment. Darby Dickerson, a Dean of the Texas Tech University School of Law, stated that “colleges and universities are significantly more than a progression of buildings and an accumulation of people. They are a more dynamic living and learning atmosphere, where people with fluctuating levels of maturity connect, frequently under nerve-wracking conditions” (1). The existence of guns would ruin the meaning of college for students. It would cause students and professors to feel anxious and unsafe about being on campus. The purpose of being in college, is for students to sit in class and learn skills that will aid them to be successful in their life, not for them to continually feel paranoid and wonder if their neighbor is possibly

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