Gun Control Persuasive Speech

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I. Attention Getter: “The battle over guns has proven to be one of the most dangerous in America’s culture wars- and with the murder of 58 people in Las Vegas Sunday night, the debate over how to regulate them has begun again. The argument over gun control isn’t merely about safety. It’s about identity. The gun has transcended its function as a weapon to become a powerful cultural marker. It can signal what kind of person you are, and often to which tribe you belong”. – II. Establishing Credibility: I am not an expert on gun control, nor do I ever plan on being one. I do know that I have been raised around guns my entire life and I have been taught that they are not toys to play with. This debate has made me realize that there are definitely two sides to the gun control law and everyone’s opinion does matter. I understand that there are those who have a reason for wanting the gun control law to take place and there are those who believe differently. III. Relate to the Audience: I understand that everyone has their opinion and that each opinion means something, but just sit back and take in a little more information about this debate. IV. Preview: During this speech, I will inform you of the debate over gun control and the sides that are involved with it. Do you ever feel unsafe and wish you had a carrying permit or just had a weapon of some sort, maybe a gun? [First, we need to know the statistics and general factors of the gun control debate]

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