Gun Control Vs. Gun Rights

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Karley Campbell Intro to Criminal Justice Reflection Paper One: Gun Control Vs. Gun Rights Whether you gather your information from the newspaper, radio, or a website, you have certainly been exposed to one of the most controversial, current debates. It seems that the media refuses to stop talking about this topic. In fact, as soon as the press over one event disappears another event seems to revive the debate. Some citizens say that we need more restrictive gun laws. Meanwhile, other Americans say that more guns are what is necessary. It’s impossible to know what the right answer is. However, we can investigate surrounding factors of the matter in order to gain a clearer understanding of the controversy. That being said, I will explain …show more content…

A common phrase from this stance is the belief that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That being said, it is justifiable to say that those who are against more gun laws feel safer and are content with concealed carry, even on college campuses. Now that the views of each side have been examined, it is important to analyze how crime models play a role in the gun debate. First, the consensus model is based off the assumption that a majority of citizens in a society share the same beliefs of right and wrong (Gaines and Miller, 2015). Second, the conflict model says that those with economic, political and social power determine the laws (Gaines and Miller, 2015). The textbook explains how, historically speaking, the consensus model has criminalized and decriminalized acts on account of social norms, such as adultery. Yet, others acknowledge that social attitudes are forever changing and that the power to change laws lies not within a community’s stance, but in the interests of powerful lawmakers. After gun massacres, the media often demonstrates a consensus model of a push for some additional regulation. On the other hand, the conflict model is demonstrated when a widely-known organization called the National Rifle Association reaffirms their case against more restrictive gun laws.These two models matter because they are how society determines laws such as concealed carry and will facilitate the next decision.

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