Gun Control: Weapons On Campus. Bruce Willis Once Stated,

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Gun Control: Weapons on Campus Bruce Willis once stated, “If you take guns away from legal gun owners, then the only people who would have guns would be the bad guys”. This introduces the controversy of whether guns should be allowed on college campuses throughout the United States or not. There have been multiple public shootings on campuses throughout America, but there is no definite solution to stopping these catastrophes from occurring. Many politicians and citizens are asking themselves the same question: Will guns make students safer or endanger them? This statement can be disputed both ways because many believe that college students are not mature enough to handle guns while others argue that they are adults and have the right to …show more content…

He also claims that college students often drink or experience with drugs; adding a gun to the mix is asking for more issues. He states that he recognizes the country is on edge because of the issue of mass shootings, but guns are not the answer. McCarthy explains that as a whole America needs to find an answer to this issue peacefully: not fight violence with violence. He goes on to say that college students are at a higher risk of being a part of a shooting off campus-where guns are banned-rather than on campus. McCarthy concludes his article by saying, “Putting firearms in the hands of college students is neither rational nor logical” (2). This article helps the author explain why adding guns in the mix of the college experience could be very harmful for many individuals, but the other side of this argument explains how it can protect students. The article “It’s about time for Texas’ guns on campus law” by John R Lott explains that guns should be allowed on all college campus’ in America. Lott explains that on the fifty year anniversary of the tragic shooting at University of Texas, the law to permit concealed handguns be allowed on public university campuses was passed. However, the University of Texas at Austin’s President, Greg Fenves, confirmed that the two events are separate issues that are not to be combined in any

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