Guns Control Laws In Australia's Gun Control

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Australia’s gun control laws need to change in order to protect innocent civilians from the increasing resurgence of illegal firearms. The system is riddled with loopholes that enable illegal guns to be trafficked from overseas countries. The main issue is that there is a rising increase in illegal firearms and whether Australia’s current laws are enough to combat the ongoing problem. There are problems in the system were illegal guns manage to get through customs due to loopholes in the system. The legislation, cases, stakeholders and recommendation regarding the change in gun laws to prevent illegal firearms will be discussed.
Gun control is defined as the set of laws or policies that maintain regulation of the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification or use of firearms by civilians. There are an estimated total of 260 000 illegal guns on the street in Australia. Australia Border Force are finding 33 guns or firearm parts a week. The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) conducted an investigation into illegal firearms back in 2012. They estimated 10 000 illegal guns in the market. There were 2.75million registered guns held by 730 000 licence holders. In the 18 years prior to 1996 Australia experienced 13 mass shootings in which 104 victims were killed with at least 52 were wounded. Since the introduction of tougher gun control laws there have been no mass shootings since that time period.
The relevant Queensland legislation surrounding gun control and licensing
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