Guns N Roses: Video Analysis

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As I was scrolling and clicking away on YouTube, engulfing myself in trailers for upcoming movies, my eyes caught a thumbnail and title that brought a tingling sensation in my fingers. I was ready to immediately click the video and see if this moment was real. “O-M-G,” I said to myself as the video began to play. “It’s real, it’s really, really real,” I continued in a satisfying shock. The action, the humor, and the star studded cast the trailer presented drew my attention in like no other trailer that day had. “I have to go see this movie!” I eagerly anticipated as I swayed to the beat of the song they had played in the background, “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses. The video concluded in big, capitalized, orange ombré letters JUMANJI:…show more content…
“Well, it was made obvious that it wasn’t trying to be an exact replication of the original. It had a modern twist, but still in a way stayed true to the essence of the original. In other words, I give it two thumbs up,” I replied to her statement. “I’ll give it a thumb and a half,” she quickly followed. “What the heck is a ‘thumb up and a half’?” I wondered. “It’s like this,” she pointed one thumb up vertically and the other thumb pointed to the side horizontally. “NO ONE, I mean NO ONE does that, but you,” I said addressing her recent hand motions. “That’s good! It’d be cliché if everyone did that. I like being a nonconformist,” she argued. “Okay, the word usage of nonconformist seems a little extreme, don’t you think? I mean, nonconformists typically have a purpose, a cause, to against what the masses deem appropriate. You… just wanna be a butt,” I voiced refuting her sentiments. “A butt? Of course you, as the conformist, would say such a thing!” she shouted. “How did the conversion even get here?” I shouted back. Sounds of Laughter could be heard from my mom and step-dad as we all were walking towards the car, with of course me leading the slow
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