Guns in Today's Society

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Guns in Today's Society
In the United States today, gun control has become a very big issue in the lives of its citizens. People arguing with each other over whether it is our constitutional right to be able to obtain and bear any kind of arms that we choose or that it only belongs to the militia. Many arguments come up over whether or not just average people can show up at a gun show and sell a gun to any person without giving them a background check first. Not only do they want back ground checks they want restrictions, and bans. Should there be bans on certain kinds of weapons? If so what kind of weapons? Should any person be able to buy a gun anytime or any place? Are people getting the right picture on what guns do for the
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It deprived those American citizens the right to purchase a handgun. That is why in July of 1997 the Supreme Court ruled that the Bill was in fact unconstitutional.
Now in the United States every gun dealer, manufacturer and distributor must complete a National Instant Check System. This is used to find out whether a customers name comes up as a convicted felon, fugitive or some kind of domestic offender. This is a great way to stop certain people from getting there hands on weapons in which they could use to commit crimes. In the first year of operation, "some 180,000 prohibited buyers were stopped from illegally buying firearms" ( 5). That is a significant number of people who where denied the right to obtain a firearm. Though they were people who had committed crimes in the past how do we know that they have not changed? We do not therefore the government has no right to deny them the right to own a firearm. They need to protect there homes and there families to. If they really want to go get a gun they will go and find one on the black market. Nothing is going to stop a person from getting a gun if they want one. There is no sense in violating a person's constitutional right just because they have a criminal record.
During the Clinton presidency he signed a bill that put a ban on 18 models of different types of assault
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