Gypsies : A Orthodox Christian And Muslim

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When a thought enters the mind revolving around fortune telling, palm reading, and crystal balls, one is more than likely thinking about the image of a Gypsy. Gypsies live a way of life that is not common to the regular masses. The loud music, partying through the nights, and moving whole families across countries at the blink of an eye is not a common practice for the average human, unless the human is a Gypsies. This ethnic group is thought to have originated from India and was considered travelers of the world, practicing a religion of sorts called Paganism. When a Gypsy family would move to another area in a country, the family would automatically change this religion to try and adopt to the new surroundings. This practice caused a contemptuous belief that Gypsies could not be held truly religious by nature. Today the two main religions that have become strong among the Gypsies are Eastern Orthodox Christian and Muslim, but the journey to the road of religious strength was not easy nor peaceful. This particular ethnic group presides in vast regions across the world, and can be found in large masses in Europe. Gypsy, is just one of the many common names this population is referred to as. Bulgaria’s Gypsies are particularly referred to as Roma’s. Those of the Christian faith are specifically called Dasikane Roma and those of Moslem faith are Xoranane Roma. The Roma have lived through many different forms of criticism for the lifestyle and culture that is adhere to,

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