H-1B Visa Controversy

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On CNN Student News, Carl Azuz discussed a story about H-1B visas. H-1B visas are something that Congress created in 1992 to bring in highly educated and specialized foreign workers into the country. George H.W. Bush said , “This bill provides for vital increases for entry on the basis of skills, infusing the ranks of our scientists and engineers”. In today’s time tech giants like Facebook and Google call them essential to their business. H1-B workers are supposed to fill shortages. Examples of these professions are computer programmers, engineers, doctors. There is one major requirement to obtain a H1-B visa. This requirement is that you have to be well educated. A reporter stated “Ninety-nine percent of H-1B workers have at least a bachelor's degree and over a half have advanced degrees”. However there is some controversy to the H-1B visa . Many critics say companies are exploiting them at the expense of the American worker. The reporter stated “Critics claim the companies are not using them to fill shortages. They say the companies are actually bringing in foreign workers so they can pay them less than …show more content…

Earlier in the semester indentured servants was a topic that was discussed. Indentured servants were people that paid for their passage to the New World by working for an employer for a fixed term of years. The term of years held a fair amount of variance. The number of years was obviously determined by the employer of the worker. The historical comparison that can be made is that just as indentured servants paid to come to the new world, the H1-B visa workers were brought to the United States because they were workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields. The H1-B visa workers are a benefit to United States companies just as the indentured servants were a benefit to their

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