Haiti's Independence from France Came at a Cost Essay

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The country known now as Haiti emerged as the first black republic in the world and the second nation in the Western hemisphere to win its independence from a European power following their declaration of Independence on January 1, 1804. Prior to this historic event, Haiti was the richest and wealthiest colony on the planet; a colony that the French empire relied heavily on economically. As a result of the French Revolution, Haitians began feeling a sense of revolt in the way that if the French can do it, so can they. Soon enough, this group of slaves that everyone saw as a garbage peoples worthy of absolutely nothing, the impossible happened: Haiti became an independent nation. Not only was its occurrence significant, but so …show more content…

With the reading comprehension that he just attained, Toussaint became inspired by the French philosophers of The Enlightenment. The writings of Jean Jacques Rousseau were the major inspirations of L’Ouverture, and lead him towards the way of fighting for freedom and abolishment of slavery from the colony. With this in mind, the slave revolt broke loose and Toussaint, now an old slave at the age of 45, quickly took control over his own plantation. Just by this action, L’Ouverture realized that there is a chance for something more to be obtained. Toussaint set out to build a disciplined fighting force, so he arrived to the camps of the other rebels, found rebels faced with starvation, leaders with no plans for defeating the troops, and commanders with a loss of heart. He quickly started building his army with those that he found and recruited a few hundred others so that he could turn onto the offensive.
The year of 1799, when the French Revolution ended, was also the birth of the reign of one of the most strategic generals in history - Napoleon Bonaparte. Since the revolution ended in France, Napoleon could now focus on the revolt of France’s former colony: Haiti. Averting his attention there, he quickly dispatched his brother-in-law and French general Charles Leclerc along with an expeditionary of warships and soldiers to take back Haiti. Also, he secretly gave instructions to restore slavery into

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