Hale and Parris in Arthur Miller's The Crucible Essay

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Hale and Parris in Arthur Miller's The Crucible At the end of the play, Hale is admired and Parris is despised. The two men are intentionally different in character; Hale is the better of them. He seeks justice while Parris thinks of himself. From as early as Parris' first stage direction "(scrambling to his feet in a fury)" he is worried and nervous, which at first thought could illustrate worry for his daughter's life but when, later on, he says "…my ministry's at stake, my ministry and perhaps your cousin's life" to Abigail, he illustrates the fact that he cares more for his parish than he does for the well being of his own family. He can be likened to a capitalist anti-communist governor with …show more content…

We can clearly see Parris' nervousness and fear of being associated with witchcraft from the earliest parts of the play also. He is trying to get to the bottom of it with Abigail, not much more than two minutes into the play. He is quickly and desperately trying to get the truth from Abigail, he asks her what they were doing in the forest twice and we notice signs of his desperation from the stage direction "(She lowers her eyes. He pleads (asking her what they were doing))". It almost seems as if he knows they were doing wrong (witchcraft) and he needs to know the details to set their defence story straight. Hale arrives and is calm, unlike Parris. He refers to the devil as "the Old Boy", a term which suggests he is not being as serious as he could be, and is therefore not as scared and doesn't fear for himself as much as Parris, who we have seen feels more for himself than anyone else. In this introduction of Hale, there are only three people involved: Parris, Hale, and Rebecca Nurse. With only three people speaking, the levels of tension and confusion are low and all is calm. It's only when the Salem witchcraft is mentioned by Thomas Putnam that more people are noticed again. Thomas Putnam, Ann Putnam, Giles Corey, and John Proctor

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