Hale s letter to Danforth corrected

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Ihan Nur Ali 11FMC Assignment 1 ; Hale 's letter to Danforth Reverand John Hale 14 Jacobs Road London NW10 9EC Judge Danforth 64 Zoo Lane Witchcraft Street WC7 DEV 09/12/14 Dear Judge Danforth, Your Excellency, Judge Danforth. You know, I have graduated from Harvard College and I am an expert in all things witchcraft and the supernatural. When I first arrived in Salem, I was tangled in a web of lies and a sheet of deception. In this trial, I believe that the accused are innocent people with good names. There is absolutely no mark upon my credibility and it is in my honest opinion that hysteria is running through Salem. Your Honour, Abigail Williams is nothing but a whore who wants to dance …show more content…

Putnam. How could you not believe the words of John Proctor? Why the man with the purest name in Salem throw away his good name after claiming to be an adulterer? It is in my good opinion that Abigail Williams seeks vengeance on John Proctor for taking her innocence. Elizabeth lied to protect her husband, just like any women would lie to protect her family life, children and husband. Even someone like Goody Proctor, who has never told a lie before. This is a natural lie to tell. I beg of you, your Honour, to reconsider your decision on sending Elizabeth to the jailhouse. You must ensure that this trial is fair. Telling Proctor and Abigail to stand with their backs facing Elizabeth was not a fair way to question her. You are a noble judge. We saw John Proctor break down in court and this is not the behavior of a man who is trying to deceive or undermine the court or the trial. Your Excellency, Proctor is a well-respected farmer and his wife has no mark upon her name. They are good souls who don 't deserve to be hanged due to the lies of Abigail Williams and the girls. Abigail is hell-bent on seeking vengeance on Proctor. Abigail is comparable to Lucifer. She pulled the wool over your eyes , the girls and even me at the beginning. But I saw this presence and soon will you. She has deceived most people in the village including you. I can see she has played

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