Half Slave And Half Free Essay

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Half Slave and Half Free Essay
In the book, “Half Slave and Half Free” by Bruce Levine, Levine discusses the complex issues that arose during the Antebellum Era in America that fueled the eruption of the
Civil War. According to Levine, tension arose due to conflicting interests in the depths of the hard worker based economy of the reciprocal South and the free vigorous economy of the North which boiled up to a point that led the newly formed nation to a civil war. Levine starts off by giving a brief history of slavery and shifts to discussing the way in which it revolutionized the economy of America, and the role that it conveyed in the conflicts leading up to the Civil War.
Slavery was crucial to the Southern states as they depended on it to run their plantations, whereas the Northern states abolished slavery as they adopted the idea that each person makes a living for themselves. The classifiable ways in which North and South organized their labor systems left their mark on all aspects of the culture of America including family, gender, leisure patterns, and religious and secular ideologies. Such cultural changes in turn deeply influenced political life. Levine draws his sources from various historical figures and events to portray the point of the perspectives that both sides had on slavery, labor, devotion, and the way of life in general. In 1860, arguably the world 's greatest nation was locked in Civil War. The war divided the country between the North (Union) and

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